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The traditional Gothic Art movement spanned from 1280-1515 across Northern Europe. The most notable features of this style were typically religious in nature such as arched churches, cathedrals and illuminated manuscripts. Other Gothic features include flying buttresses and stained glass. Gothic art took a power-seat in architecture during this era, as reflected in numerous historical buildings throughout Europe that emulated the style of cathedral and church decorations that were being carried out.

Notra Dame being a good example of a still existant almost original example of Gothic Architecture, the utilisation of the later added gargoyles (representing Levi like cherubim/sphinx guardians) became another staple in the concept of the developing sub-cultural art movement, the style became ingrained in the European cultural psyche.

Towards the end of the 13th century, the fusion of Italian and Northern European art had led to the development of an International Gothic style. As a consequence, ideas spread and merged, until eventually painters in this International Gothic style could be found in France, Italy, England, Germany, Austria and Bohemia. Two of the key artists who majorly influenced the style were Duccio di Buoninsegna (c.1255 - 1319) and Simone Martini (c.1284-1344). The International Gothic style is characterized by bright colours, a courtly elegance, and a naturalistic rendering of detail.

The early gothic movements influenced many aspects of life and art. There is no 'modern gothic art movement' as such, but rather a trend drawing from popular horror movies and dark music.

Modern Gothic artwork generally takes on the form of 'Dark Fantasy'. Grotesque, nightmarish and disturbing visions in surrealist settings are typical features of the modern gothic artwork. In contrast with the early Gothic Art movement, modern gothic artwork strays from religious musings and commonly depicts mythological creatures such as vampires and dragons. Some artists thought of as modern gothic artists include H.R.Giger and Gerald Brom.

In keeping up with the times, digital artworks are taking part more in the art community than ever before. The digital art movement has sprung such modern gothic-style artists such as Chad Michael Ward. Much like Giger, Chad Michael Ward's artwork often features biomechanic undertones, which has recently become a common theme in modern gothic artwork.

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