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Some of you may know me off heirstothethrone. *waves to everyone*

I'd think it would be very interesting being a mod, but I may not have as much expertise in said fields, as someone completing a university degree, but here I go. My Particular Areas of Expertise/Interest is that of Ancient History, more particularly the ancient world of Antiquity along with literature, religions (I read...for FUN. *gasp*) and I am an emerging techie (I make websites). As far as proving my intelligence, I can link you to my website, that is somewhat still under construction. It's got layout, writing, ranting and whatnot. As well, if you'd like to start a friendly debate with me, I'm more than happy to indulge (if it's J.S Mill's/Bentam's utilitarianism, you will get a long spchiel from me about why it is immoral and unethical, in many cases...the greatest good for the greatest amount of people...pah.). I'm also very nocturnal, do I get points for that? *cynical snark*.

Before I go, may I indulge you by offering up a suggestion for specialists?  I think it would be great if we had an expert on film (okay, double meaning)!


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