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My post on History


Well before I begin, is everyone aware of the discovery of a Germanic civilization found in Europe that predates the pyramids by 2000 years?

First off, I'd like to say that my specialty is that of Ancient History and to an extent European here it goes.

It's somewhat hard to summarize one's passion for history in one paragraph, but I shall attempt.
Okay, my interest in history first began when in Senior Kindergarten, when all I used to basically watch on television were those educational programs on ancient civilizations, immediately ancient Egypt had struck my fancy, I began to avidly read books about Egyptian culture and whathaveyou. The pyramids and as I progressed ziggurats (Mesopotamian temple towers) became the center of my study, whilst most people my age went out to play. It is a universal fact that history and the customs of the past plays an important part in modern attitudes, dress,archetecture and whathave you.Therefore there are many discussions that we could have that could reflect the juxtaposition of the past into the modern day present.For instance,a very enriching topic that we could possibly facilitate is the evolution of language (for German and Latin have similarities in that the verb goes at the end, I believe. I only have one year of Latin, and no German) for I think it's because Roman society and dominance was intertwined with the development of the Celts and other Germanic tribes *refrains from any Goth and or Visigoth jokes and or references*. Egyptian religion and custom may also be another topic that may be of interest, for there was Akenahton (who was heralded as the world's first monotheist and demonized as a heratic by future Egyptian royalty) and also the great pantheon of gods and goddesses because religion was an intergal part of the Egyptian culture for even their rulers were said to be of the divinty.
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