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Goth Intellect

Intellectuals of the Gothic Culture

Intellectuals of the Gothic Culture
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All Members , Moderated

Do you find yourself in a goth club yearning for more than the usual drivel? Do you wish you had someone with whom you could discuss Nietzsche over coffee?

This community is for those involved in the gothic culture who desire intellectually stimulating conversation.

To be a member you must prove your ability to process and analyze information by writing at least a paragraph on a field of academia in which you have interest, and including "proof" of your involvement in the gothic culture. There is no specific application. Anyone may join, we just request that your introduction display your cognitive abilities. We are also looking for specialists with a focus in certain areas of academia. If you would like to be one of these specialists, please join and make a post stating why you are qualified for your chosen section. If you have strength in more than one field, please apply for more than one specialty. As the community grows, the specialists will be the first in line for moderator positions. Currently we are a very small group, so we don't need extra mods.

Owner: darkczarina/freakin_great

~Specialty: Philosophy


Specialist: tunnelrats
~Specialty: Religion

Specialist: velvetrhapsody
~Specialty: Computers/Art

Specialist: position available
~Specialty: Literature

Specialist: position available
~Specialty: Mathematics

Specialist: position available
~Specialty: Sciences

Specialist: position available
~Specialty: World History

Specialist: position available
~Specialty: Politics

If you do not see an area of acedemia in which you are interested, post a statement on your desired field, and state your qualifications.

Please put any images under a cut.

Credit to velvetrhapsody for the layout of this community.